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Trainings in Paris, in French

Trainings in Paris, in French

Training in Systemic Coaching and Constellations, in France, in French

Coaching Constellations has been training coaches and others in Systemic Coaching and Constellations for over 10 years.

Building on that experience we are now offering in Paris, and in French:

“Systemic Coaching and Constellations – The Fundamentals”, Parts I and II

These are in the same format and curriculum as in the UK and elsewhere.

Please note that these are not trainings in coaching per se, but a journey into systemic coaching for those already practising as a coach or in a similar organisational role, for example leadership development.


‘Fundamentals Part I
Thursday and Friday October 8th and 9th, 2020 | PARIS

This two-day module is an introduction to the methodology of systemic coaching, and constellations, in its application to both individual and team coaching.

It will appeal to those who would like to better understand the invisible forces that organize, underlie and limit relational systems, in organisations as elsewhere, and who wish to integrate into their practice a methodology that reveals and resolves these repetitive, limiting dynamics. You may already be a very experienced coach, or have recently started on your path in this profession.

In an experiential setting, the group will address the organizing principles of relational systems, as well as the application of constellations in personal, executive or  leadership development coaching. This training program includes an in-depth introduction to :

  • The posture of a systemic coach
  • The principles governing relational systems
  • Systemic interventions in practice
  • The application of the methodology in individual coaching
  • The application with teams
  • An exploration of your own resources and systemic loyalties…

This training awards a certificate in ‘The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Part I’ and 12 hours of ICF ‘Continuous Coaching Education Units’

Corinne Devery

Corinne was born in England, now lives with her husband in Paris and is fluent in English and French. Her original training as a teacher of Drama & English has served her well over a long career in Learning & Development, working with hundreds of organisations as a trainer, coach and facilitator. She now uses her training in systemic constellations to enrich her coaching practice with both individuals and groups.

Grégoire Barrowcliff

GregorieCorinne will be assisted on the trainings by GrĂ©goire. He has 15 years’ experience in coaching senior management working in French and English. GrĂ©goire completed the Coaching Constellations Practitioner training back in 2016 and is now working alongside Corinne in support of the new trainings offered in Paris from 2019.

Fundamentals Part II
Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December, 2020 | PARIS

Having learnt the essentials of the stance, principles and practices and started to apply them in your work, you may feel ready to participate in our 3-day Fundamentals Part II training. This second level training offers a deeper journey into the application of this applied philosophy and is for coaches, facilitators, HR professionals and consultants who have completed the Fundamentals Part I training and who want to broaden their understanding and develop their application in one-to-one, team and group settings. 

Fundamentals Part II includes:

  • More exercises for use with teams
  • The exploration of structural and resourcing constellations
  • The impact of personal and systemic conscience and the hidden loyalties that emerge
  • The use of resonant systemic language that names truths and illuminates possibilities
  • The opportunity to facilitate a live constellation with representatives

This training awards a certificate in ‘The Fundamentals of Systemic Coaching and Constellations – Part II’ and 18 hours of ICF ‘Continuous Coaching Education Units’

Coaching Constellations

Coaching Constellations was established in London, UK, in 2009 by John Whittington with the intention of sharing the benefits of the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching and constellations. Executive coaches interested in a systemic perspective and methodology soon grew in numbers and it wasn’t long before John was invited to teach and facilitate across Europe.

Corinne Devery, who leads our Paris workshops and trainings, met John when she was a participant on the first Practitioner training in 2013 and subsequently came alongside him to teach and facilitate the work in many contexts as an integral part of the teaching team, training others in the fundamentals of this approach in London.

2020 Training Dates

Tuesday March 31st 
& Wednesday April 1st

Fundamentals Part I

Thursday October 8th
& Friday October 9th

Fundamentals Part I

Wednesday 2nd, Thursday 3rd
& Friday 4th December

Fundamentals Part II

The trainings are facilitated by Corinne Devery and Grégoire Barrowcliff 

“I appreciate Corinne’s humility, quiet and calming presence, her style of constellation facilitation and responses to questions to remove ambiguity and challenge intent.”

Kim Newton-Woof Organisational & leadership development

“This has given me confidence to embed the systemic approach”

Ori Wiener, coach and consultant

“The hidden rules of healthy relationship systems came alive in this wonderful experiential training.”

Cristian Nicolae, coach and facilitator

“I applied what we learnt and it helped my client understand the dynamics of her team in a completely new way!”

Nadege Welsch, Cross Cultural coach

“The Fundamentals training left me feeling enriched and curious.”

Sabine Stritch, Leadership Development coach

The Book

The book ‘Systemic Coaching and Constellations’  was published in its 2nd Edition in 2016. It offers a practical introduction to the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching and constellations. Next to theoretical input, it is also a rich resource of exercises and practical examples of how this methodology can be applied to individuals, groups, teams and whole organisations. Participants of the workshops and trainings – whether new to this methodology or already experienced – are invited to read the book to enhance their learning and experiment with applying it.